Critical evaluation

This project has been a great way for me to start exploring different forms of escapism and will enable me to carry on future projects based around the subject. Through photographing cosplayers at conventions I have been able to make strong connections with the people I have photographed which will allow for me to have future opportunities to work with them. This project has also allowed for to gain more confidence as I have been having to talk to people when I wish to photograph them, I have also talked to other photographers and businesses about my project. Taking the images for this project has allowed me to experiment with flash and different lenses to see which work best for my subjects. I wish to continue taking photographs of cosplayers and concerts after college as well as exploring in other genres to build a strong portfolio. I met more people I now consider mentors who are interested in the subject matter who will be able to advise me when I leave college.


The locations for conventions are sometimes a problem as their backgrounds and lighting make it difficult to work in, luckily I have been able to experiment with flash and know how to overcome these for future events. Weather was also an issue early on in this project as it was unpredictable and meant that a lot of cosplay images had to be taken inside convention halls. As summer is now approaching I will be able to do more outdoor shoots on locations which will fit the cosplayers characters and allow me to improve my editing. This project falls before the largest UK convention which is an inconvenience however this experience will allow me to continue my work after college and make more connections. The amount of conventions I attended this year was far more than I have attended in the past, however there wasn’t many conventions going on around at the time of my project. If money was no issue I would have attended more of the smaller conventions and made my photobook larger in size to show off my images more. ¬†Overall I felt the project went well and I wish to improve on it after college and continue to see progression in my images.

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