Weekend cosplay shoot

This weekend I went on a cosplay shoot at Bolsover castle with a group of friends in cosplay. I did not attend as a photographer this time, I was one of the models. Me and my friends were all cosplaying from the same franchise, Diabolik Lovers. The location chosen fit the characters well as they are vampires and live in a large old mansion and some of the inside locations looked similar to that of their home.

It was different to be on the other side of the lens. Posing for images at a convention and being on a photoshoot are two completely different things. At a convention you are able to pull a quick pose and everyone’s happy as it’s typically the same pose you do for everyone who asks for a picture but on a shoot you need to keep doing different ones. The photographer on the shoot after some talking understood that I wasn’t used to being on the other side of a camera and helped direct me.

After the first few shots I started to become more comfortable and saw this as something I could learn from as I now understood how some models are feeling when I photograph them. The day was very eye opening to me as talking with the photographer and discussing cameras/lighting and ideas for shoots allowed for me to come up with more shoot ideas of my own. Talking about posing and the difference just moving the eyes to different positions can make on an image, talking about what images we all liked and didn’t like was also insightful as we had to explain what we liked and why we didn’t like them. At one point during the day I acted as the photographer’s assistant and was in charge of holding the flash in the right positions for the images, making sure it wasn’t too harsh and was illuminating the areas he wanted. I have added the photographer so I feel there is potential for us to keep in contact and ask each other for feedback on our images, he has asked us all to be models for another one of his projects.

what I learnt on the weekend shoot is going to help me with my future shoots.


max's image

(My sister is having to crouch down on this image to allow for them to be the accurate height for their character compared to the character I’m cosplaying)

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