May 26-28 The largest UK “Mordern Pop Culture” convention is happening, however this is after my deadline for this project which is a rather large inconvenience.

I have already been asked to do two shoots while I am attending London MCM and will be photographing people at the meets I have planned to attend. I am only going to be attending on the Friday and Saturday as on the Sunday I will be attending Slamdunk Festival in Leeds.

As I write this a majority of the tickets available are close to selling out, the weekend priority tickets sold out the quickest.

Often cosplayers will spend all their time trying to perfect their cosplays for this one event as it’s that big of an occasion for some. There are many large cosplay events such as the masquerades and the world cosplay summit competition which is one of the longest and most famous international cosplay contests. At london there is also going to be the International Cosplay League which is a rather new international contest which are holding qualifiers on Saturday and Sunday, one for a team of two and another for solo entries which is based on their craftsmanship. These competitions finals are going to be taking place in Spain and Japan.

London is going to be a busy weekend for me, this is is my first time attending so I plan to use the thursday I go down to london to scope out the environment outside to see where would be best to do outdoor shoots (weather depending). I will use the friday to get used to the area and join in my friends, a cosplayer who I actually met for the first time and Birmingham MCM,  Final Fantasy shoot which we have been planning for over a month and have an album full of poses we wish to use.


When I photograph people this time, I will be able to hand out my business cards I had printed so instead of just telling people I will post the album in the MCM group on facebook they can find my page directly using my cards.

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