Example pages from finished Photo Book

For my final project I wanted to display my work as a photobook. I looked at several photobook companies before coming across Saal Digital who had an offer to test out their photo books. I was happy with my first photobook from them which I now use as my portfolio so I used them again for my final product. These are example pages from the photobook on Saal’s own design software.


I chose this image as the first image of the photo book because I personally find it to be an interesting image. The bright colours of the wigs and outfits are eye catching and will hopefully lead to people wanting to see more.


I chose these images of fabrics and other important components to making cosplay to show people the range of fabrics, coloured thread and button types are available to them if they were to consider making cosplay or even their own clothes.


I included these images to show someone making a cosplay and how people make them in their homes and to show dedication to making cosplay. The fact that they are using ornaments to weigh down the pattern pieces instead of using pins which will damage the fabric.


I included these images to show wig restoration and wig styling, I included these wigs because of the way they have been styled and how different they appear. I included a close up of the roots on the Prompto wig to show the effort which has been put into making sure the wig is as accurate to the character as possible as well as making it seem more natural. The red boxes seen on the above images are not on the photobook, they are just there to inform me that the text is close to the edge of the page.


I have chose to set out the above images in such a way so that the outer images are facing towards each other allowing the the viewers eyes to travel across the page and back to the centre image.


I chose these images as I felt they were my personal best image from the convention. The reason I chose the 2nd image on  the right is because of how long I spent editing the image making sure that all of the hay sections on the wheel of the cosplayers back were cut out before I comped them back on the washed out background.


I chose these images because I felt like they were strong solo and group shots outside. I feel like these images show what cosplayers are like when they are able to pose for their images and be serious about the characters they are doing. With the exception of the image in the bottom right corner.


I chose this as the final image in my book because it perfectly sums up conventions and cosplay to me. People in costumes making friends and just in general having a fun time in each others company. It also features a giant prop which is common for cosplay conventions, even with certain con regulations people still find ways to bring their characters props to life.

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