Original Characters

I was encouraged by my tutor to have a go creating my own characters. Using what I have in my wardrobe and the numerous wigs I own from cosplaying I created these two.

The character on the left is Leena Heijeon (I created this name using a name generator as I didn’t know what would fit her.) The character on the left is Haka Shi (which roughly translates from Japanese to Grave Death). I wanted to create two completely different looking characters, one who was colourful and bright and one that was dark and mysterious looking.  I have created original characters in the past but they have mostly been drawings, I’ve never used cosplay to create characters first. I have never thought of cosplaying my own Original Character yet I have been interested in cosplaying one of the artists I know’s characters.

Here are some examples of my original characters I have created in the past. Leo, the drawing with the blonde hair was my first original character and has undergone many different looks since I created him. He has to be my favourite Original Character I have created, I have moulded his personality and character traits, and he has grown with me. Kirai, the drawing with the green hair and gas mask is one of my most recent original characters. He doesn’t usually wear the gas mask I was just trying different looks with him and wanted to try drawing him in an apocalypse looking fashion . He does usually have a little surgical mask which covers his face with an X on and a blue military looking jacket and black ripped skinny jeans. His look is very biker looking, I created him with the sole reason to put him into the Tokyo Ghoul universe but I feel like he would be able to adapt to fit any universe I wish to put him in.

People create original characters as it allows them to create stories and use their imagination. These characters will take on any personality traits and ideas you allow. They allow you to create your own little world, sometimes choose to put their characters into existing universes such as anime’s and these characters then will adapt to fit the shows characteristics. For example my Original Character Leo as seen above has been designed so he was able to fit in with the anime, Tokyo Ghoul. I gave him ghoul eyes and designed his own kagune for him. They sometimes are used to allow you to put part of yourself into the universe, this then allows you to come up with a background and other information about your character. These original characters are very much like those which writers come up with, people will even use their ocs in fanfiction they write.


My Original Character Leo designed to fit in with the Tokyo Ghoul universe. 

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