Upcoming events/events for me to be aware of

http://www.comicconventions.co.uk/uk-comic-conventions-expos-and-popular-culture-shows-in-2016/ < List of UK events and when/where they are happening. Will need to get a diary and plan out the ones I am attending. London Comic Con in May is a must

http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/ < website on one the most well known comic con events which happens all over the country

Febuary 12th Bradford is having its first comic con thanks to Unleashed Events.


http://furmeets.co.uk/ < this website has a list of when furry meetups happen in the UK

https://2017.confuzzled.org.uk/intro/#splash < Largest Furrt convention

http://www.fursuit.co.uk/category1.php?id=6 < Large list of furry meet ups and furry groups

http://northernfurs.org.uk/ < website for northern furries in the UK with meet dates

http://www.larpevents.co.uk/ < website with Larp events

http://www.heroquest-larp.co.uk/ < Large larp event

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